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The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is making the case for individualism and freedom and providing opportunities for you to help. Browse below to learn about the Center's activism and opportunities for you to engage in your own intellectual activism.
:: Capitalism, Individual Rights and the Law
CAC: The Capitalist's Amicus Curiae
The decisions of the US Supreme Court affect the freedom and prosperity of every American. Building upon its groundbreaking legal advocacy, the Center now proposes a new effort to submit "friend of the court" briefs on every key case before the Court that impacts the right of Americans to live for their own sake and profit from their own work.

Will you leave it to others to defend your freedom, or will you support the Center and be a part of this new effort to expand the fight for capitalism?

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:: The Campaign in Defense of Industry and Technology
ProTech: The Campaign in Defense of Industry and TechnologyIndustry and technology are critical to human life and yet they are under attack. Learn why and what the alternatives are.

The Earth is Mankind's Garden

There is an alternative to the environmentalist argument.
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