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The United States v. Microsoft
Antitrust makes success a crime and the assault on Microsoft is a classic showcase for its evils. The Center's experts examine the government's case against Microsoft and the larger threat to freedom and productivity it represents.
:: US v. Microsoft
CAC Blasts EU’s Microsoft Antitrust Decision
The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism condemned the EU's $613 million fine and order to breakup Microsoft's Windows operating system, calling the order "yet another assault on success and the rights of businessmen to their property."
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US District Court Approves Settlement in US v. Microsoft
(Nov 1) U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly today gave conditional approval to the Justice Department's antitrust settlement with Microsoft Corporation. The deal places restrictions on Microsoft's conduct and business practices. The judge also approved a settlement with a number of state attorneys general that sued Microsoft and issued an opinion disposing of claims raised by states that didn't join the settlements.
» Read the Court's Executive Summary of its ruling (PDF 106K)
» Read the Court's opinion on the settlement with the Justice Department (PDF 304K)
» Read the Court's opinion on the settlement with the state attorneys general (PDF 312K)
» Read the Court's opinion on the claims of the non-settling states (PDF 862K)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Microsoft Antitrust Case
You ask the tough questions and we answer them.
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It's Time to Re-evaluate Antitrust
By Nicholas Provenzo
In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the proposed Microsoft antitrust settlement, CAC Chairman Nicholas Provenzo asks the Senate to think big.
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Justice Talking: Salsman v. Love 
CAC senior policy analyst Richard Salsman takes on Naderite James Love on the justice of the Microsoft antitrust case for NPR's Justice Talking.
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CAC Calls on Court to Reverse Ruling in Microsoft Antitrust Case
The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief with the United States Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, in support of Microsoft in its ongoing antitrust battle with the Department of Justice.
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Press Conference: Abolish Antitrust: A hard look at US v. Microsoft
» Richard Salsman's Remarks
» Dr. Edwin Locke's Remarks

Assault Microsoft, Assault the NASDAQ
By Richard M. Salsman
The growing economy has been the result of the simple fact that until now, the government has stayed out of the way of high tech.
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Judge Jackson's Findings of Fiction
By Dr. Edwin A. Locke, Ph.D.
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson has released his “findings of fact” in the Microsoft antitrust case. While his report did contain some correct information—such as the truism that a successful company tries to defeat its rivals—the central claims of his report are blatant falsehoods.
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Antitrust in Action: An Analysis of Judge Jackson’s Finding of Fact and the Antitrust Assault on Microsoft
By Adam Mossoff
United States District Court Judge Thomas P. Jackson is crystal clear in his recent “findings of fact”: Microsoft is marked for destruction. But why does Judge Jackson want to punish one of the most successful corporations in American history?
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