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Media Advisory: June 26, 2000

For Immediate Release
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Earth Day 2000 Countermarch

Who: The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism (CAC)

What: A press conference explaining the CAC’s opposition to Earth Day and its environmentalism Counter Demonstration/March to protest Earth Day and promote industrial civilization

Where: National Press Club
529 14th St. NW
             13th Floor, John Peter Zenger Room
             Washington, DC
             Visit http://npc.press.org/where/directions.htm for directions to the NPC.

             Protest: Lafayette Park, Washington, DC (Counter-Demonstration/March) 

When:  Friday, April 21, 9:30 AM—11:00 AM. (Press Conference)
        Saturday, April 22, 9:30 AN—6:00 PM  (Counter-Demonstration/March) 

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA—The chairman of a Virginia-based pro-capitalist organization is challenging moderate environmentalists to prove their claim that they do not hate industrial civilization.

            “I challenge the ‘moderate’ environmentalists to prove that they see the benefits of industrial civilization,” says Robert W. Tracinski, chairman of The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism (CAC). “I propose that we devote a day to celebrate the achievements of industrial civilization. We have a whole day devoted to a crusade against the supposed dangers of technology. That we don’t take a day to count its benefits is inexcusable.”

            Tracinski notes that, ironically, it is technology and the benefits of industrial civilization that makes it possible for environmentalists to wage their war against civilization. He points out that most environmentalist groups from Earth First, to PETA, to the Earth Day 2000 organizers have web sites, use cell phones, rely on modern transportation and wear clothes made from synthetic fibers.

“Take the time one day to count the ways in which machines make your life better and easier every minute of the day,” says Tracinski. “Consider how much more abundant, and less expensive, mechanized mass production has made even the most mundane everyday objects, from toothbrushes to toasters to cordless phones.”

The CAC will hold a press conference Friday at the National Press Club explaining its opposition to Earth Day and will lead a counter demonstration Saturday on the National Mall during Earth Day festivities.

The mission of The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is to present to the public a moral defense of individualism and economic freedom. The Center undertakes projects and activities designed to communicate its message to the public, the press, and policy leaders, targeting issues central to a moral defense of laissez-faire capitalism.

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