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November 5, 1999
For Immediate Release

Center Releases ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the Microsoft Antitrust Case

Spotsylvania, VA. In preparation for US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson’s expected decision today in U.S. v. Microsoft, State of New York, et al. v. Microsoft, the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is releasing its updated “Frequently Asked Questions on the Microsoft Antitrust Case” for public review at http://www.moraldefense.com/Campaigns/Microsoft/Antitrust_FAQ/.

According to CAC Executive Director Nicholas Provenzo “the Microsoft antitrust trial sets a new watermark for the factual errors, economic errors, and ultimately philosophical errors that are the antitrust laws.”

“This trial has shown a Department of Justice focused on creating courtroom drama—-and flashy headlines—-rather than presenting facts. The few facts the DOJ did present speak right to the ethics of antitrust. Microsoft has been too successful, and it must be hobbled, regulated, and expropriated for that crime.” 

“We think that it is incumbent that those in the media covering the trial to insure they examine the ethical premise of the government’s case against Microsoft.” 

“For example,” says Provenzo, “do consumers have the right to buy Microsoft Windows without Internet Explorer? The government clearly says no.”

“But doesn’t a seller own the product he creates before he sells it? Shouldn’t the terms of any trade be agreeable to both the buyer and the seller?”

“We answer this and other questions on our site” says Provenzo “and we examine the trial from a premise that has been neglected in recent coverage.”

“We say and prove that producers, whatever their size, have rights that no one has a right to violate.” 

The mission of The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is to present to the public a moral defense of individualism and economic freedom. The Center undertakes projects and activities designed to communicate its message to the public, the press, and policy leaders, targeting issues central to a moral defense of laissez-faire capitalism.

The ultimate goal of the Center is to promote the public’s awareness of ethics and economics that would lead to an understanding that government must never abridge the freedom of production and trade or interfere with the right to acquire and possess property.

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