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The Fight for Right and Freedom
[March 19, 2003]

By Nicholas Provenzo

The time for expostulation has come and past—the first strike in the war to disarm Iraq was launched against Baghdad at 5:35 a.m. Iraqi time today. This strike marks the beginning of the end to 12 years of conflict with the Iraqi dictatorship. In the upcoming hours and days, the full might of America and her allies will be brought to bear upon Saddam Hussein and his supporters. America seeks the destruction of Iraq’s ability to project force. It will not be denied.

To America’s sons and daughters under arms, America’s thoughts are with you. You have every advantage in this fight, including perhaps the most important advantage of all; the moral certainty that comes from advancing a just and worthy cause. Those you fight stand guilty of vicious crimes upon the innocent. Their weapons threaten the safety of entire world. Many in the world have shirked the responsibility of facing this threat. You have not.

As you work toward victory, there will be those who will attempt to smear your cause. Know now that their words recoil upon them. They will condemn you for acting without their permission, when permission never belonged to them to give. They will accuse you of arrogance and greed, when you only seek the safety of your country and your country’s allies. They will damn you as imperialists, even as the people you rescue greet you as liberators.

Pay no heed to the indictments made against you. Your enemies are a vacuum on the march. You are an army of freedom, made real by acts of valor. Your integrity speaks for itself. Take pride in what you stand for.

And when you feel the fear that comes from battle, and tire from the length of the march, draw strength from your sense of justice, the value you place in freedom, the loyalty you feel for your brothers in arms, and the love and support offered to you by a grateful nation.

The people you leave behind at home will never lose their confidence in you. Whatever the obstacle you face, and however dark the hour, keep your confidence in yourself. You will not be denied.


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