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The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction
[March 28, 2003]

By Ayokunle Ogunshola

Why are we attacking Iraq? The official line is that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which he will use on the world if allowed to remain in power. Iran and North Korea are two other nations which possess these weapons, we are told, hence the christening of all three nations by President Bush as constituting the “Axis of Evil.”  On this view, weapons of mass destruction are broadly defined as nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons capable of delivering mass death on a terrible scale.

But, under this definition, many other countries, including the United States, Great Britain, and France, possess WMD, or at least the capacity to build and use them. Why then are they not also part of the Axis of Evil? Why have only Iran, Iraq, and North Korea been singled out? The official argument that Iraq is likely to use these WMD because Saddam has done so in the past (on the Kurds in Northern Iraq) is not entirely plausible since this ascription also applies to the United States (who used them on the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II).

Several commentators have pointed out that the WMD argument is simply an evasion by the Bush Administration. These critics say the Bush administration is afraid to tell the world the truth about the cause of the September 11 attacks on America, as such forthrightness would portray America’s retaliation as a battle against Islam. On this view, the administration would rather veil the attack on Iraq (and perhaps, later, the other two Axis members) in the specious terminology of “WMD” rather than assert the manifest truth of the September 11 attacks. President Bush has chosen to pragmatically tweak the position adopted by his own Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, who famously affirmed two days after the massacre: “I think one has to say it's not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, [and] ending states who sponsor terrorism.”

According to the Wolfowitz doctrine, there are terror-sponsoring nations who wish America grievous harm and these nations must be terminated. According to the CIA, aside of Iran and Iraq, there are other state sponsors of terrorism, namely: Syria, Pakistan, Sudan. Other terrorist states named by scholars such as Daniel Pipes and Michael Ledeen are Saudi Arabia and Palestine. One can easily surmise that even if the US does defeat the Axis of Evil, there will still be a pocket of regimes left to continue state-sponsored terrorism.

Yet practically no one advocates eliminating all of the terrorist states. It seems these regimes will get off free just because they don’t have, or may not use, weapons of mass destruction.

Or don’t they?

I say they do. These countries have countless weapons of mass destruction. In fact, they aid, abet, and harbor the ultimate weapons of mass destruction: evil minds.

If men’s actions are broadly classifiable as creative or destructive; and good ideas breed good deeds while evil ideas engender destruction; it then follows that it is not the possession of weapons per se that makes a person dangerous, but what he or she intends to do with them. This is the proper context in which to define an enemy. You will recall that the September 11 hijackers did not use nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, and that Palestinian suicide bombers have never needed sophisticated gadgetry. All these perpetrators of devilry have ever required is the willingness to die.

The will to die is not a tangible that one may wield as one does a machine gun or a missile tipped with a chemical warhead. Rather, the will to die is a product of a person’s thinking, a matter of individual choice and only mutable by that individual. To create such ill will, all one requires is continuous, perverted denial of the facts of reality. All it takes is the cultivation of hatred for all aspects of reality that make human life – especially in these modern times—worthwhile and glorious. Once this attitude is cast, it cannot be undone by any external entity or observer. The deadly consequences of this mindset are inexorable, rendering any attempt to reason with it an utter waste of time. Thus, he who tries to placate this mortal enemy threatens his own extinction.

In the same way that a person who buys a book is its possessor, a regime which sponsors these self-made beasts owns them: a terrorist state is one which consciously owns or harbors terrorists, whether or not they are its citizens. To sum, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, and Sudan must also be included in the Axis of Evil, for these also possess the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

And this is why the Bush Administration must not stop at Iraq. The American nation must proceed to impale her enemies upon the brilliant spokes of truth represented, in this context, by the monumental might of the U.S.. A moral nation must not plead with her mortal enemies. All terrorist states must be destroyed.

And, in this last, a second ago was already too late.


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