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Media Advisory: November 9, 2000

For Immediate Release
Nicholas Provenzo

It's Time to Call the Bush Victory

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA—Nicholas Provenzo, President and CEO of the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism says it’s time Vice President Al Gore and the Democratic Party concede that George W. Bush won the popular vote in the state of Florida, thereby winning the Electoral College and becoming the President-Elect of the United States.

“George Bush won the popular vote in the state of Florida on the first count of ballots election night,” says Provenzo. “George Bush won again on the second count. The overseas ballots cast by Floridians are typically weighted in favor of Republicans and there is no reason to think that this election will be any different. George Bush has won the election and is the rightful President-Elect.”

“The debate over Palm Beach county ballot is an utter canard,” says Provenzo, “and the Gore campaign, outside Democratic agitators like the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the press should all know better.”

“There is nothing in the Florida state election code that says the “butterfly ballot” used in Palm Beach County is illegal,” says Provenzo. “The ballot was produced by the local Democrat Supervisor of Elections, it was approved by representatives of both the Democratic and Republican parties and it was fully available for public scrutiny and legal challenges prior to the November 7th election. For Gore’s partisans to claim that the use of this ballot somehow triggers Florida’s vote-fraud statue is a desperate attempt to overturn an election and an Electoral College that didn’t go their way.”

“Maybe for a party that is as unsure of the meaning of the verb “to be” as President Clinton was in his legal deposition in the Paula Jones case, the Palm Beach County ballot was confusing,” says Provenzo. “To the rest of the world, there is no faking it. There is nothing unclear as to either what an arrow on the Palm Beach County ballot or the outcome of this election mean.  Al Gore has lost his bid for the presidency to George Bush, fair and square.”

“And any further delay in Gore’s concession brings up a crucial concern that’s been neglected by the press,” says Provenzo. ”In addition to undermining the confidence of the American people in the electoral process, Gore’s refusal to accept his defeat is paralyzing the strength of American markets. Markets count on knowing who will lead America to plan their investments—and needless delay comes with a needless price.”

“Al Gore should find the grace to see it’s over,” says Provenzo. “The Clinton/Gore administration that was all too willing to ship Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba should have the dignity to accept that the Cuban-American Floridians have voted Al Gore back to Tennessee.”


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