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Media Advisory: June 28, 2000

For Immediate Release
Nicholas Provenzo
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The Sad End of the Elián Saga:
Castro 1, Freedom 0

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA—A Virginia-based pro-capitalist organization is condemning the US Supreme Court’s refusal to grant the appeal of Elián Gonzalez's Miami relatives as an act of moral treason against the very freedoms that made America great. Today’s Supreme Court decision clears the last hurdle in returning the boy back to Castro’s communist dictatorship in Cuba.

            “The Supreme Court’s failure to defend Elián Gonzalez’s right to live free in the United States is a crushing blow to justice in America,” says Nicholas Provenzo, the executive director of the Center for the Advancement of Capitalism. 

“Perhaps in conjunction with the Court’s ruling, the justices should have ordered the National Archives to shred the Declaration of Independence as well,” says Provenzo. “It is obvious from the court’s decision that the principle of individual rights our founders relied on to form America has literally no meaning today.” 

“It’s important to remember what should have been a fundamental question in the Elián case was evaded at nearly every level during this poor boy’s saga: Is communism harmful to his life?,” says Provenzo. 

“The Supreme Court’s ‘final answer’ is that freedom doesn’t matter, and that parental rights trump individual rights, even when the question concerns a father’s right to return his son to a brutal, suffocating communist dictatorship,” says Provenzo.

            “It makes me physically sick to think what Castro has in store for Elián once he returns to Cuba,” says Provenzo. “We can be sure that the memory of Elián’s dead mother, a heroic woman who better understood the meaning of freedom than most of our leaders here in the US, will be all but forgotten as Elián is forced to endure his reprogramming and propaganda posturing by Castro’s thugs.”

            “This whole heart-wrenching affair has cased nearly everyone who is associated with the Center to re-examine how we view America,” says Provenzo. 

“If we can achieve one thing with this organization,” says Provenzo, “it will be to work for a day where America is a place where all the Elián's of the world can be safe in the knowledge that freedom—one of the very requirements of human survival—is understood, respected and defended.”

“There must never be another betrayal like what we have witnessed today,” says Provenzo.

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